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alll of my female Character Ocs are Multi-role play characters which means they can rp in any type of rp they are not restricted to their main Rp they can Branch out to others as well



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Horseland: Thorn and Dusk by crystal116
Horseland: Thorn and Dusk

Name: Thorn Whitney
Nickname: Thorn
Age: 16
Looks: long Coal Black Hair,Blood red eyes,Slim and Average height
Personality: Understanding,Keeps to herself and Blunt to the "Snob" crew and Hates Drama

Horse(s): Morning Dusk

Current Home: Horseland
Position at HL: Rider

Family: Sarah Whitney(cousin)
Best Friend(s): Nani,Alma and Sarah

Other: Thorn is Sarah's Cousin she's a Bit on the Gothic Side but knows how to Dress good,but she really does not like Drama or the ones who start it. Thorn Found Dusk alone in the wild and took him in and soon became his rider and owner


Show name: Morning Dusk
Barn name:  Dusk
Nickname(s): n/a

Family: La Juna(mother) x ???(father)

Breed: Quarter horse x Mustang
Gender:  Stallion
Age: 6
Height: 14.2 hands
Symbol: A Red Diamond

Personality: exactly like his owner

Coat: Coal Black grey
Mane/tail: Light ash grey
Highlights: Black
Markings: none
Eyes: Blood red Eyes

other:  Dusk is the Son of La Juna and a unknown Stallion. At First he was struggling in the wild when Thorn Found him, She took him in,Nursed him back to Health and soon Dusk never left her and because her horse

June,Dusk and Thorn(C) :iconcrystal116:

Alma,Nani,Button Aztec,Scarlet Zoey and Chloe(C) DIC

Base(C) :iconshybelle:
Horseland: can you Guess who this is? by crystal116
Horseland: can you Guess who this is?
Hey Guys can you guess who is this Horseland Oc is? what does he remind you of? comment Below what your guess is. if you cant think of any thing i will give you a clue to who this horse is

Chili(C) Dic

Horse(C) :iconcrystal116:

Base(C) :iconnascarhorsesboltfan:
I miss him already... by crystal116
I miss him already...
i know...i know...i shouldnt be doing this but i just want to get this off of my Chest. no,i am not Bitching this time it's just...Remember how i made a Horseland Oc for :iconshybelle: by the name of Wildfire 2 years ago? if you dont remember here's a Picture of him…
but what i am saying is that now i am starting to miss Seeing Wildfire being used in any art...until i regain shybelle's Trust i cant use him...and i really miss using him,he was so Fun to use and make 2 years ago. I know i gave Shybelle full ownership but i didnt see that i was going to hurt her even more i thought if i credit shybelle for Using Wildfire i am able to use him like i did when i shared ownership of him. i Tried to make a horse to replace him but...there was no horse that i can make to replace him. If only i could use Wildfire...Just this once,to fill in the Hole in my Heart like Star is Apart of :iconshybelle: and Keeper is apart of :iconthelegendofthestone: Wildfire is apart of me. Giving him to Shybelle wasnt easy but i knew he was going to be in good Care but now...i miss him so much, it's like Giving your closest Family Pet to a total Stranger and never seeing him or her again. that's how i feel when i gave Wildfire to Shybelle. even though i know her it's like i can never see him again.

Aleu(C) Universal
Horseland: Angelico meets Pepper by crystal116
Horseland: Angelico meets Pepper
this took place when Angelico and his owner first came to horseland, after a few days Angelico gotten used to his new surroundings and both newbies were riding around,Praticing on their own. Until Zoey and Pepper Came up of course Blane and Zoey were good friends,Same with Pepper and Angelico of course Pepper has taken a liking to the Dark grey Dutch Warmblood Stallion. How ever Angelico does not quite return pepper's feelings,since he knows that Pepper is already taken and holds back which only edges the Dutch warmblood mare even more into Flirting. Being a Gentleman,Angelico politely as he could turns pepper down and tells her that he doesnt share the same feelings as her and does not want to be involved in Cheating which is not in his Nature.

Angelico and Blane(C) :iconcrystal116:

Zoey and Pepper and Chili(C) dic

base(C) :iconhopequeen:
:iconvenomstrikerdecetico: when will you ever learn that you are not the only one who likes the same cannon characters? you need to suck it up and deal with the fact that there are other girls that Pair their Ocs with the SAME Mechs that you picked. here is Proof.













(this Oc's profile Proves that this creator likes Ironhide

(this person posted Art of Lockdown meaning he/she likes Lockdown as well)

you see Venom you are not the only one who Likes all of these Transformers Characters. you have to let it go and just accept the fact that you are not the only female that likes these characters. Deal with it or maybe DA isnt for you. if you are willing to make your Ocs Fight all these others just because your ocs are the only ones who are Paired with them. they are not Real! this has got to stop you have got to stop forcing every oc into a Fight with yours. you dont own them. learn to get along with others or Leave. It's your choice. Choose Wisely
  • Mood: Sickened

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:iconvioletvulture103: (fellow naruto Fan and very good Artist and Rper)

enemies: (if you are this list meaning you will remain on this list until i have a reason to even trust you again)


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